Career Change

dream-jobI’ve debating a career change lately. I’ve been in the tech / security field for quite some time and I’m not sure if I want to continue being a programmer. I’m thinking about making a drastic change and work for the family business which is a landscaping supply company. I’ve always worked there as a teenager and throughout college and the best part about it is that I can relax my mind when working. It’s not a high stress job like programming is. I’m always under the gun to get projects done and to squeeze functionality in at the last minute. Not to mention my product manager is a total prick. Would love to hear your comments if anyone else is in a similar position. I thought this pic was funny. I’m looking for that dream job as I’m sure a lot of you are.

Traveling Abroad

So there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when traveling abroad. It’s best to buy a plan for emergency medical insurance. Bring an emergency kit with you for headaches or upset stomach. The local food isn’t the same as what we are used to in the US so make sure you are prepared. Some countries you want to make sure you drink bottled water too.


And don’t forget to close your mouth when your in the shower. I learned that the hardway after suffering from being sick from drinking the water. I also got a vehicle while I was there because we drove around quite a bit. I got the extended car warranty and additional insurance. It’s worth it because when you are in a foreign country you never know what you are going to run into, literally. My friend Abu was helpful enough to guide me through most of the process and for that I am very thankful.

My Advice on Home Security

The home may seem like the safest place to be, but these days, even the home can have underlying threats. There are fires, burglary, and carbon monoxide poisoning that poses danger to members of the family. These are unforeseen threats that can cause real harm to family members and property. Investing in  a home security system to provide a complete security system at home can be a really good safety investment. Prevention is always better than suffering the consequences of inaction. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why people invest in a home security system.


Having a home security alarm system becomes especially necessary if there are children living in the house. It becomes especially important if the children are often left alone in the house with only the house help or babysitter with them while the parents are off to work. The best home security system can install a home monitoring system that parents can monitor through mobile devices even if they are miles away from home. Teaching children about these alarms and how to get help in cases of emergencies can help them become more aware of their surroundings and save themselves from impending danger.

My friend owns a website that reviews home security companies called I recommend you check them out as they rank a bunch of different companies on a lot of different factors.

My Recent Trip to Africa

So I went to visit my college friend Abubakar who lives in Nigeria. It was a crazy long trip. I flew US Air to Germany then had a 6 hour layover before flying into the Murtala Mohammed airport. Once I got there it was crazy hot compared to the summer weather here in Michigan. We had a wonderful time and I learned to speak a little bit of Yoruba, like “ba wo ni”.  I spent two weeks there and have a ton of pictures that I will post later. Thanks Abu for showing me a great time and I look forward to your trip to the states in 2014.

The Burundi Phonebook

Hey there, my name is Phillip Burundi and this is my personal collection of useful information. I call it my phonebook. It’s my personal blog where I categorize all of my information, but you can use it too. I don’t take any offense. I don’t have anything too personal on here so feel free to use the same products and services that I do. I’m from eastern Michigan and love to sail on the lake. I have two kids Samuel and Dean, a beautiful wife Samantha and a dog name D-O-G. Yes we pronounce it like you spell it. Dee Oh Gee. Haha!